65b106430b73837e2f2d6dbf3920e98d The light seeped through the windows this morning and warmed up all the places of me that you kissed before you left.The white crumpled sheets bore witness to a struggle .

My body spread on your sheets like butter on toast-how you like to call it, my hair tangled from all the grabbing and pulling, my cheeks still flushed from all the things I’ve never thought I could do to you, my lips bruised of your savage kissing and biting, my nipples still twitching at the memory of you caressing them. I have the shape of your palm on my right bottom cheek, I can feel it stinging still.

You savaged me last night, in so many wonderful ways..My body is bearing the bruises of your passionate loving but still craving for your touch. Im hangover from being drunk on lust, you have that effect on me.

    Im sore all over and sleepy, but I can’t shake this smile off my lips!

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