Sunday morning…

Today I don’t feel like doing anything, except you..I’d do you!

I’d lay in bed next to you, on lazy early mornings when it feels like the rest of the world is still asleep and we are the only ones awake and we’d forget about everything else, our thoughts drifting far away ,because now its just us, the world and the sunrise.

I’d watch you with sleepy eyes, a smile on my face and you’d break into a smile back at me, not because you know why I’m smiling but because I’m happy and that’s enough to make you happy. I’d watch every millimetre of your body so I’d remember its every curve and every freckle. Your messy hair, sleepy eyes, lips parted and shallow breathing. Lying close to you, hearing your heart beating, not caring what lies ahead of us, me and morningyou in this sweet calmness..having your arms around me, is the best I could ask for.

Sunday mornings are my favourite. Everything is so still, feels like the whole world had gone quiet.

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